Hotel Nogallás
Hotel Nogallás
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The best price, guaranteed
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Frequent questions

Is Wi-Fi available in all rooms?
We give great importance to Wi-Fi, so it works throughout the hotel at high speed and in all rooms for free.

Pets Allowed?
Do not

Do you have a garage?
We have an agreement with the Paseo de Ronda car park Phone: 981 27 71 17 (at a distance of about 200 meters), guarded at all times and where a vehicle with a maximum height of 2.15 meters can enter, the cost is 7 EUROS, for 24 hours, showing a card of Hotel Nogallás.

Do you have rooms for four people?
The room with greater capacity that we have has two beds, one of size 1.35 m. wide by 1.80 m. long and next to another bed with a size of 90 cm. wide by 1.80 m. long. This room has a private bathroom.

Triple room, quadruple?
We do not have a three-bed room. We have rooms with two beds, one size 1.35 cm. wide by 1.80 cm. long and next to another bed with size 90 cm. wide by 1.80 cm. long, with private bathroom.

How to get to Hotel Nogallás?
The Nogallás Hotel is located in the city of La Coruña, next to the Riazor Stadium (Tribune area), entering through the Paseo Marítimo, from the Esclavas School and Church, through Manuel Murguía Street where the Stadium meets the House of Water in that street, the entrance is in Julio Rodríguez Yordi, 11, its rooms overlook the streets Almirante Cadarso, María Luisa Durán Marquina and the street of its entrance that is Julio Rodríguez Yordi. Geographical coordinates (for GPS location): - Latitude: N 43º 22'11 "- Longitude: W 08º 25 '07" Very close to the city center and its tourist attractions: Palacio de Congresos, Monte San Pedro, Mar , Beaches, Stadium, Auditorium, City Hall, Domus, Aquarium ,. In the section "Situation" have more information about it.

How far are they from the airport?
The Alvedro Airport, is at a distance of 9 kilometers from Hotel Nogallás, you can come renting a vehicle, Taxi, Bus, etc. The nearest bus stop of the transport service offered by the Coruña Airport is located in the Plaza de Ourense, 1.5 km from Hostal Nogallás.

How far are they from the bus station?
Hotel Nogallás is 2 Kilometers away from the Bus and Train Stations

How far are they from the train station?
Hostal Nogallás is 2 Kilometers away from Bus and Tre

My arrival is before 12:00 noon.
On the last day of your stay at the Hotel, guests have the room until 12:00 noon, if their room is already available before that time, they could move on to occupy it without problem, otherwise, we would depend on the guests from the previous day and, once they leave, the room will be cleaned, moved and cleaned by the hotel cleaning service. In any case, we have a completely safe place to store your luggage.

Does the price include breakfast?
At Hotel Nogallás we do not serve breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are surrounded by restaurants and cafes.

What are the hours of service to the public?
Hotel Nogallás is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 366 days in case it is a leap year. Always open, we never close. Open on holidays.

I need a room for one person
The Hotel Nogallás has rooms for one person for the daily price of 25 EUROS, VAT included.

What is the difference between a room with a private bathroom and a medium-sized room with a private shower, toilet and sink?
The difference between the room with private bathroom and the medium-sized room with shower, toilet and private sink, is in the size of the room and bathroom